Travel Deeper with Gareth Leonard

I’m Gareth Leonard and this is a story about leaving behind everything comfortable I knew, in search of a dream…  I hope you don’t mind if I take a brief pause from the “Travel Deeper Australia” series to bring you the first ever T2T Trailer. This bad boy is long overdue, but it’s finally time … Continued

Best Parks in Montreal To Spend The Day

While some enjoy blasting around cities hitting up bars, checking out attractions, or partying, some just want to find a place to curl up with a book and zen out. One place where this isn’t just possible, but encouraged, is Montreal, Quebec. A Canadian city with major European roots, visiting Montreal is much like visiting … Continued

Shutter Bugs: Toronto’s Top Shooting Locations According To FlightHub

Canada’s largest city, Toronto, Ontario, is a booming business metropolis. As Canada’s economic and business capital, it has developed something of a reputation as a cold and expensive city. While it can be that in certain areas, Toronto is actually loaded with culture, character, and history. From it’s days as a glorified agricultural centre, it … Continued – 2 Years Deep

This past Saturday marked the 2 year anniversary of and my quest to travel deeper. On October 1st, 2009 I left everything comfortable in my life in search of something more. My dream was to become part of a foreign community, learn new skills, meet new people and experience new adventures. Now, as I … Continued

June Update: What a Riot!

June Recap: I lost my Pacific Northwest virginity this month and now I feel like a real man. It was a major rite of passage that I’ve been nervous about for some time. I’ve penetrated Vancouver, Seattle and Portland I have more confidence than ever to experience new frontiers. I flew from Park City to … Continued

Vancouver Riots 2011

You could see the smoke billow up from behind the hotels in downtown Vancouver. Helicopters circled as crowds scattered and riot police moved in. I was watching the whole thing unfold from a comfy rooftop terrace high above all the chaos. As the Bruins netted their third of four goals, the game was out of … Continued

FOTO FRIDAY: Vancouver Riots

I stayed in Vancouver Wednesday night after the TBEX conference to experience game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals live. This was the 3rd time in Vancouver Canucks 41-year history that they’ve reached the Stanley Cup and I wanted to be a part of it. After witnessing the incredible game 5 victory and epic after-party, … Continued

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